Friday, March 12, 2010

Lego's Got Game

March 1st brought to the shores of the USA Something both my son and I can appreciate, Lego Games. These games were introduced in Europe last year and in the interim production scaled up for the US market. It has been a long wait for a dice collector.

The uniqueness of this game is that it uses a changeable die. That is the facets of the die can be changed to effect the outcome of the roll...during game play itself just by switching out tiles. This is not without precident.

In the early 1990s Dirk Laureyssens invented a changeable die which was marketed under the Dirk's Dice label. Today this design seems to still be around but it is difficult to say since I have been unable to purchase them. Today they are known as Zap Dice. However this design differs in one important way. The Lego Die allows the odds on any given face to be changed while Dirk's Dice only allowed the entire face to be changed. Therefore the Lego die gives far more flexibility.

In reading about these games I learned Lego has taken the philosophy that games which stand the test of time are designed to have the rules modified and certainly this die reflects that notion.

For the Dice Collector these dice are unique enough to make this release one of the premiere events of the year.

The games are...

Robo Champ
Monster 4
Lava Dragon
Race 3000
Pirate Code
Lunar Command
Rames Pyramid
Shave a Sheep
UFO Attack
Magna Monster
Pirate Plank

See them here.

I would also add this link for those wishing to buy Lego Parts.

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