Monday, March 8, 2010

In the Beginning...

Well...this is the beginning and I hardly expect this to be my best work since I am completely inexperienced at Blogger. This ignorance has me distracted from the content and focused on the operation of the blog itself. So please forgive me, it will not be long before I bring the standards up to my liking both graphically and in a literary sense.

Let's see...well to make things simple in this beginning it can be stated categorically that I collect dice. I have done so for many years and I have to this point accumulated nearly 4000(a number I will justify in a later post). They sit beside me now in a 5 foot tall tower of Tupperware. They are mostly wrapped in Ziploc and organized by type, or color, or shape or association. They have been identified as best as I am able and with only a few exceptions are well documented.

Would you like to see them?

If you would, please follow this link.

As you can see I have more than an average number of dice. More than any one person should own really, and a nice variety as well. And so you might wonder what in the world would make a person want to collect dice. It is simple really...they are so much easier to acquire than supermodels, less troublesome than collecting countries and less expensive than Faberge Eggs. What else would a person want?

And that is what I say to people when they ask "why dice"? When I really mean to say...

  • They are small and easy to store.

  • They are everywhere from dollar stores to flea markets to junk drawers and beyond.

  • They are used by all ages.

  • They are owned by just about everyone regardless of wealth, religion, gender or culture.

  • They are in every country on earth.

  • They come in a great variety of shapes, sizes, materials and configurations.

  • They can be very inexpensive and then again can be very expensive.

  • The collecting population is not over crowded and yet is well dispersed globally.

  • and most of all is that I like them...they are just cool.
I was recently invited by Kevin Cook, the quintessential dice collector with nearly 30,000 dice, to post my collection on his website. This changed the game for me. My collection is now accessible. I no longer need to paw through piles and piles of dice to find that one item I am looking for. All I need to do is jump online and comb the collection. No fuss no muss. And what's more, other people can cyber paw through my collection. This is really neat since all I have to do is provide the link and everyone can see what I have and do not have. What a wonderful deal.

Anyway, for fear of babbling on and on and on I will end this for now and fill in the blanks as we go. I will be posting just about anything I feel like writing about dice and collecting dice. If anyone listens I will be surprised.

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